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    Deck Repair Services

    If you own a wood deck, at some point you will need to get it repaired. Kingdom Decks and Porches is available to inspect and repair your Greenville NC deck and make it look new again. Our deck restoration contractors will thoroughly inspect your deck, identify existing and potential issues to correct, and complete all the required repairs.


    There are a few common wood deck repairs that we see consistently in the Greenville area. We recommend getting your deck repaired immediately due to the threat of danger toward anyone using the deck. We can handle almost any deck repair service, so give us a call to discuss your deck repair needs if you don’t see it on the list!


    • Wood that has been damaged – depending on the level of damage, we can sand the existing boards and make them look new again. Otherwise, we will replace the damaged boards with new wood.

    • Loose framing – over time, it’s possible for joists to loosen, ledger boards to pull away from the home, and framing to twist and turn.

    • Damage from storms – with the threat of severe thunderstorms and hurricanes in Eastern NC, it’s likely that fallen trees will make their way to your wood deck at some point. We can repair any issues to the deck after the debris has been cleared.

    • Loose boards – unfortunately, deck boards will pop up if poor quality nails are used during the initial deck construction. We can repair and improve the deck by using higher quality fasteners.

    • Loose deck railings – again, depending how long ago the deck was built and the codes that were in place, or the level of quality used by the deck builder, deck railing can loosen and fall off, be susceptible to damage, and or simply look outdated. We can repair all loose railing and make it look new again.

    Best Deck Repair Services in Greenville NC and Pitt County
    Best Porch Repair Contractor in Greenville NC and Pitt County

    Deck Staining and Restoration

    If you recently built a deck- whether through our contractors or another- contact us to get it stained immediately! Staining your deck not only makes it look beautiful but protects it from damage for years to come. We only use the best materials and have experience with multiple stain brands. We can determine which will work best for your deck based on the exisiting wood and overall environment.


    Does your deck need a facelift? We can handle any deck restoration project and make your deck look brand-new! In most cases, this can be more cost effective than building a completely new deck. For older decks, we will most likely recommend cleaning, sanding, and staining the deck after any neccesary repairs have been made.

    Best Deck Staining and Restoration Services in Greenville and Pitt County NC

    Ready to get started with deck repair and staining? Contact us today to speak with one of our professional deck contractors about your deck repair needs in the Greenville area. We will set up a consultation, thoroughly inspect your deck, and provide an accurate and fair quote.


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